Boston, Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyer, Consumer Class Actions, John Adams Courthouse

ABOUT THE FIRM - Focusing on Catastrophic Personal Injury and Consumer Class Actions

After many years working as a trial attorney with large law firms, Attorney McCue opened his own firm in October of 2003.  Attorney McCue’s practice focuses primarily on the representation of seriously injured accident victims, and the representation of consumers victimized by unfair trade practices. Attorney McCue is an experienced trial and appellate attorney, and currently handles cases in state and federal courts in both Massachusetts and throughout the United States.

Attorney McCue has developed a particular expertise in litigating, via class action, claims involving illegal telemarketing in violation of federal telemarketing law.  Federal law strictly regulates telemarketing via pre-recorded message, facsimile and text.  Federal law also prohibits telemarketing to consumers whose cell or residential phone numbers are listed on the Federal Trade Commission’s Do Not Call Registry.  Attorney McCue has litigated telemarketing actions in both state and federal court in Massachusetts, West Virginia, Maryland, Illinois and Colorado.

In his personal injury practice, Attorney McCue investigates and screens cases thoroughly, and selects cases carefully.  He only accepts cases where individuals have sustained very serious personal injuries due to the fault of another person or entity. Those cases he does select are given his full and immediate personal attention. Cases are assessed at no cost and are handled on a contingency fee basis. There is no fee unless a successful recovery is obtained.

If a certain case requires particular specialization, or extra resources, Attorney McCue enjoys professional relationships with many excellent trial attorneys throughout Massachusetts and the United States. If it is in the client’s best interests, and at no extra costs to his clients, co-counsel will be arranged to participate in the preparation and trial of particularly complex cases.  In this manner, clients benefit from both Attorney McCue's personal representation and the required staffing and resources of a large litigation firm.

Boston, Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyer, Consumer Class Actions, John Adams Courthouse