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Traumatic Brain Injury: Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is most often caused by a severe impact to the head, and it can result in lasting physical and mental problems. Emotional trauma often affects both victims and their loved ones. Because traumatic brain injuries are most often caused by accidents, they are often the fault of someone other than the victim. Automobile accidents are the most common cause of TBI. Other causes include falls, violence, and sports injuries. While people with minor head injuries often make full recoveries, people with severe traumatic brain injuries often face permanent disability. Many TBI patients require long-term rehabilitation beyond their initial medical care.  Some may never be able to work again. As a result, many TBI victims and their families find themselves facing tremendous financial obstacles. Attorney McCue has handled several cases in this specialized field, and is committed to helping victims of traumatic brain injury receive compensation so that they can focus on healing.

Construction Site Accidents:  Over the past ten years, Attorney McCue had handled many complex litigations relating to construction site accidents.  These incidents frequently involved devastating injuries sustained by roofers or carpenters who are ordered to work under dangerous and unsafe working conditions.  Construction site safety is subject to strict OSHA regulations, and safety is the responsibility of all- worker, employer, general contractor, and builder.  Attorney McCue has obtained millions of dollars in settlements for his clients who have been seriously injured in construction site accidents. Information relating to the safety regulations applicable to construction sites is available from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration,

Wrongful Death: Losing a loved one is by far one of life's most difficult experiences, and when that death is caused by wrongful conduct, pain is often magnified. A drunk driver who kills a pedestrian; a speeding commercial truck driver who collides with a families van; a manufacturer whose failure to check a product's safety leads to a consumer death -- these are some examples of wrongful death cases. Attorney McCue's wrongful death cases have resulted in settlements involving millions of dollars.

Defective Products: Manufacturers and merchants who sell products are responsible for ensuring their products are safe. Victims injured by defective products are entitled to just compensation.  Over the years, Attorney McCue has obtained large settlements for clients seriously injured by products, including a bicycle, a hand-saw, and a negligently assembled table saw. Attorney McCue is currently involved in a products liability matter involving a defective hip implant.  You can learn more about product safety and recent product recalls from the Consumer Product Safety Commission

Premises Liability: Landlords and store owners are responsible for keeping their properties safe and in accordance with various government regulations. Frequently, victims are seriously hurt because a business owner failed to properly maintain their property. Recently, Attorney McCue obtained a six figure settlement for a client seriously injured after she slipped and fell on an oily puddle of tire cleaner, left on the floor of a large retail store.

Injuries to Children: Attorney McCue has successfully handled many cases involving injured children. These cases have often involved automobile, bicycle, and boating accidents. When large settlements are obtained for young children, Attorney McCue will work with financial advisors to ensure monies are safely invested for a child's future. For example, when Attorney McCue recently a six figure settlement for a child bitten by a dog. The bulk of the settlement was invested guaranteeing the child a fully funded college fund.

Boston, Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyer, Consumer Class Actions, John Adams Courthouse